10 make up looks for the bride!

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Published: 10 November 2017

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10 Makeup Looks For The Bride

While wedding gowns are an essential aspect of a memorable wedding, there is no denying that you won’t look gorgeous without a stunning makeup look.  Bridal makeup is a decision entirely based on the bride. What can work for one bride may not work for another. Most brides feel overwhelmed by the excitement and planning that goes around with wedding planning that they forget about their makeup look. It can be difficult to decide when your wedding day is only a couple of days away.

Fortunately, if you’re those brides who are very organized and want things to look perfect on your big day, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are planning to hire a professional makeup artist or you’re looking to apply your makeup, some of the ideas will help you decide on the right look.  Doing research ahead of time will save you time when you opt for a professional makeup artist.

Here are some gorgeous makeup looks that are guaranteed to grab your attention.

Soft Pink Lips and Silver Eye Makeup

Contouring is an excellent way to enhance your cheeks and look flawless. What’s more, you get to show off your face. If you decide on a dark eye makeup, ensure that you go soft with the lip color. You can use a soft shade of pink on your lips and silver eye makeup to highlight your eyes. These two combinations complement each other. Do not forget to have impeccably groomed brows to showcase that stunning bridal look.



Sparkly Smokey Eye Makeup Look

For the brides who love sparkles and would love to incorporate this look into their makeup, this look would be ideal for you. While this look is striking, it can be twisted with subtle colors to enhance your eyes. Adding in a Smokey-eyed effect gives your upper eyelids a softer blended look.

The Soft, Glittery Look

If you hate the intense, shimmery look, the soft, glittery look will be worth trying. This makeup look is delicate and subtle. The best thing about this look is that you don’t need to add false eyelashes. All you need is some mascara, and you’re good to go.

Neutral Makeup Look

Having a wedding during spring or summer can be exciting. A soft and natural makeup look would be a perfect choice for you as a bride. The lip color and the foundation are all in neutral tones and soft colors. Some blush on your cheeks and rosy lips adds some elegance to the fresh look.

Winged Eyeliner

Most women are used to Smokey eyes for their daily makeup. Deciding on bridal makeup can be overwhelming in such a case. The good thing is that you do not have to feel bare and uncomfortable.  You can go for a look that you’re familiar with. Instead of a Smokey look, go for a winged eyeliner to create the perfect look.  To add to the look, go for some false lashes and a dash of glitter. To complete the look, put in a touch of dark eyeshadow.

Gold Eyes

With gold glitter eyes, you don’t need any jewelry.  Gold makeup can leave you feeling like a goddess. If you need to add jewelry, go for neutral tones for that glamorous look.  Make your eyes sparkle with this stunning gold glitter.

Pink and Rose Gold Eyes

Rose gold eye makeup is perfect for any bride who is looking to feel extra special on their big day. Adding a rose gold adds sparkle and the pink is bound to match your lip color. What’s more, it could be perfect if you have the same wedding theme.

Cut Crease Eye

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, this trend has become increasingly popular as ever. Your makeup artist can help you achieve this look, or you could use a spoon to create this trending look. A champagne eye shadow blended with a peachy, dark purple color creates a divine look.

Ultimate Glamour

Create an angelic look with a nude lip, bronze shadow, and big lashes. For a more youthful appearance, go for a frosty cream shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

Bronzed Goddess

Bronzed blush, eyelids, and lips are awesome for that refined look.  If you’re looking for that ultra-radiant glow, this look should be your go-to choice.