How to find a hair and make up artist for your big day!

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The One Tribe Team

Published: 17 July 2017

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One of the most memorable and biggest days of your lifetime is your wedding day. As a bride, it’s perfectly normal to obsess over every detail from the smallest flower to the draping’s; you have to ensure that everything is perfect.  Your makeup is one of the details you don’t want to skimp over.  After all the planning, the last thing you want to hate is how you look in your wedding photos in future.

While it may look economical to do your makeup-the exceptional difference a professional can make will prove worthwhile after some time.

A good makeup artist can transform how you look, as he/she has a keen eye for color and design. Moreover, professional makeup artists are knowledgeable about the techniques that will highlight your features and bring out a flawless look in person and on your wedding photos.  The experience of a makeup artists ensures that you not only look amazing, but that your makeup also lasts throughout the day.

While finding a good makeup artist is key, the actual process of finding one can be daunting.

Here are some tips that will make the selection process a little easier.

Do Your Homework

If you’ve seen a bride whose makeup you love, ask her who had to do her makeup and contact the person right away.  This applies to people you do not even know, bookmark their work and save it for another time.  

First hand recommendations from friends and family are also important. Avoid listening to people who suggest the makeup was good, although they didn’t see it in person.  

Bloggers in the beauty industry could also make a good recommendation.

Booking a trial is important

Having your friend do your makeup because it’s free is not always the best idea. Opting for a makeup counter is also not a good idea.  

While these options may sound great in theory, the only problem is that you never have the option of having a trial run to see how your makeup will look on your special day. 

This means that if you end up hating how you look on your wedding day, you’ll have yourself to blame.

The other problem is that department stores do not have qualified makeup artists who can analyze and work on different face colors and shapes. You need to go for a trial run with a professional makeup artist to ensure that you’re getting what you deserve.

While a trial run may cost you some money, in the end, this will be money well spent.

Also, an experienced artist will analyze and assess your face type and personality to ascertain if you prefer a bold or a soft look. The artist also notes the shades, colors, and brand used to make sure that everything looks like the trial.


Choosing someone you click with is essential. Remember that you’re going to spend time with the makeup artists through rehearsals, dinner, and on the wedding day. To avoid a miserable experience, it is critical to hire someone you’re comfortable with to ensure that you have the support you need on your big day.

Your makeup artist is there to serve you and your friends that are part of a bridal party. Look for someone who makes you feel at ease as this will make your big day extra special.

Do not forget to find someone accommodating. Some brides have allergies or restrictions with mobility, and this can make it difficult to find an artist.  Find an artist who understands you and is ready to make the necessary changes to accommodate you.

The Products Used

It’s vital to know which products your makeup artist uses as this impacts the longevity of your makeup. Face primers, eye makeup, and foundation are some of the products to look out for. Avoid foundation with high SPF as this causes a white face with the camera.  HD powders are also a no go zone as they create a ghost face.


Price is a determining factor for many brides.  You need to choose an artist that fits your wedding budget. But remember that you get what you truly pay for, Makeup artists who are a bit expensive do so because of the quality of the products they use. Moreover, they have paid for training, and they have the experience.  For that flawless look, you’ve always desired for your wedding, choose an artist based on experience and not merely on price.

In conclusion, avoid artists that know it all or someone who won’t listen to your needs, by following the above tips, you’ll be able to find a makeup artist who you’re comfortable with and someone who you can trust to make your special day extraordinary.

If you’re looking for some experienced makeup artist, be sure to contact the One Tribe concierge team to help you achieve for that flawless and polished look on your special day.