Make up tips for younger looking eyes

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Published: 13 September 2017

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Makeup Tips For Younger Looking Eyes

Looking younger is every woman’s dream. There are lots of things women do to look younger like a change of hair and their dress code.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to change some things like your eyes. Eyes that were one bright in appearance can become dry, wrinkle-prone, and irritated with age. The good thing is that you can use some makeup tricks to shave off five or even ten years.

Here are some makeup tips for younger looking eyes.

Use a Neutral Eyeshadow

Heavy metallic, bright colors and glittery shadows only show wrinkles. To create younger looking eyes, swipe on subtle earth tones like champagne, pale gold, and cream to brighten your eyelids. You can also go for matte colors. Subtle shimmer shadows create a youthful sheen.

Concealer to cover up Crow’s Feet

 Crow’s feet have a brown undertone. Using a brown shadow only worsens the appearance of these lines. To cancel out the color, using a concealer with a pinkish-beige tone. For olive skin and medium tones, look for a concealer with ocher or peachy undertones. Ensure that you apply your concealer in an upward motion as crow’s feet tend to angle down. Marc Jacobs’s concealer has various undertones and shades. Moreover, it easily blends with your skin, reducing puffiness in your eyes.

Go For a Good Lash Curler

As you age, the skin loses elasticity, and this is where the eyelids begin to droop. A good lash curler will be ideal if you’re looking for wiser, younger eyes. The curler caps the lashes which enhance your eyes.  The next step is to get a drier mascara. Water resistant or waterproof mascara is an excellent choice. You can get an eyelash curler for less than $20. Look for a curler with a strong enough spring. Do not forget to be gentle when removing your makeup. An eye makeup remover would get the job done without tugging.

Swap your Regular Pencil Eyeliner for a Cream Eyeliner

While an eyeliner can help you create eye-defining properties, it’s not ideal as it could drag and tug on your skin, creating dashed lines. A cream liner with a gel liner or brush would be ideal as it applies more smoothly. Apply your liner when your eyes are open to avoid getting a straight line. You’ll need extra on the ends to create a beautiful look. To lift fallen lids, angle your liner up on the ends at a 45 degrees angle.  Use little strokes to get a straight, even line.

Fill in Your Brows For an Instant Face Lift

Getting Cara Delvine’s brows may be the in thing, but unfortunately, it may not be realistic to recreate the look as you age. This is because brows droop at the ends. The good need is that you can still fill your brows and look younger. Apply a brow pencil with a spoolie or powder along the top line of your brows. Fill any left out areas lightly and use a brush to create a defined look.

Create Bigger Looking Eyes With Contouring

Eyes tend to sink back as you age. This makes the lid hang down, and your eyes appear smaller. To fix that issue, use a dark pencil to create a shadow at the crease. Add some shimmer to emphasize the inner corners. This makes your eyes appear bigger and youthful.

Use a Primer

Dry skin makes fine lines more noticeable. Applying makeup is only likely to cake or move.  The only way to correct this is to use a primer before applying any eyeshadow. The primer helps to cover any age spots and tiny veins.

Go Easy on The Makeup

Applying more makeup than you need only makes you look older than you actually are. For dark circles, use a bit of concealer on those spots and not everywhere. A fresh, well-hydrated skin looks youthful than an overly made-up complexion.

Outline Your Creases

Eyelid creases tend to sag as you age. Fortunately, you can recreate a younger look by using a contour along with taupe eye shadow. A tiny tapered brush would help you combine the color along the external corners and above your creases.

Rethink Your Eye Cream

If you’re using an eye cream that causes irritation or redness for a long time, it’s time you changed that. Look for an eye cream that contains a hyaluronic or dimethicone acid which helps to fill the crow’s feet. Watch out for anti-aging eye creams that could be delicate to your skin and even lead to inflammation, further making you look old.

Makeup can either age you or make you look younger. The above tips will help you recreate your desired look. Find makeup brands that stay throughout the day