How to use biodegradable glitter in your makeup artistry.

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Published: 23 September 2017

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This month we interviewed Linda of Spinning Stardust to discuss the use of biodegradable glitter in the beauty and fashion industry. Read more about Linda’s journey and how she developed the concept of biodegradable glitter that is now the heart of her business ‘Spinning Stardust’.

What inspired you to focus on creating bio-degradable glitter? 

I performed alongside Kylie Minogue at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014. Whilst applying face glitter for the festival themed look and discussing product wastage with another dancer, the idea for biodegradable glitter was born. I was always the person on Film and TV sets looking for a recycling bin and trying to encourage others to recycle. I have been known as being a bit of "girl scout" as I always have a natural remedy for any ailment. (I literally cocoon myself in coconut oil whenever I can!)

"In New Zealand, people care a lot more about things being organic and natural and environmentally friendly and of course locally sourced."

After sporting the festival look at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games as one of their dancers I noticed all the waste that was being left behind after our rehearsals. I wondered what all the mess was doing to the environment. I also worked on a time travel high fashion movie in 2015 where we used a lot of glitter and diamantees and coloured powder. I saw again this falling on the floor and things being thrown in the bin and floor. I felt like there must be a product that can look gorgeous and do no harm. 

How did you manage to source materials for this product?

I was approached in 2015 with an idea to sell biodegradable glitter. I researched and agreed. Biodegradable glitter is a little more expensive than plastic glitter, some people may want to pay very low prices to have glitter at a festival or party, which is unfortunate as half of it ends up on the ground and in the soil and sea. I am so proud I could bring this idea to New Zealand and help in the pursuit to save the ocean.

"I am a bit of a hippy at heart and really love looking after the earth and sea."

How can artists use your product? 

Any makeup artist or soap making artist can use this product. It can be used in soaps and bath bombs and body scrubs, which is great for knowing when you pull the plug it will degrade and not pollute the environment. Guilt free bathing! It can also be used in the making of lip balms too. 

It can be used in the use of face painting with puffer bottles, or by patting on. It can be used in fashion, theatre, dance shows and cat walk shoes. It can also be used on hair as part of fashion shows and festival hair. There are so many uses. 

Unfortunately it doesn't work alongside nail art, so sorry nail artists out there!

What are some of the biggest challenges experience by make-up artists in the industry? 

I feel a lack of real guidance. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to really make it. You need to constantly update your skills and knowledge. Things are always changing and moving and it's easy to get left behind.

I also volunteered my time and worked for free. I think there is always something to learn in this industry and you can't get too ahead of yourself. It was through volunteering my time where I learned a lot about theatre makeup and wigs and prosthetics.

I think people think if they do a makeup course then they will be able to go out and get a job straight away. It really depends on what route you want to go down, but working for free, volunteering your time and really dedicating you time to learning and listening is what will really make you shine against the rest. 

Contact Linda

You can get in touch with Linda through her page Spinning Stardust on Etsy - or click her to send her an enquiry. 

About Linda

At just 14 years old, Linda started out as a volunteer face painter in Germany and taught herself face painting through studying online. In 2010, she attended college studying beauty and wedding makeup and became sought after soon after for festivals, events and music videos. Well into her 8th year of her career she has how gained experience working alongside celebrities in film and popular TV shows. Linda is currently based in New Zealand.