For Clients

Can I change details of the job after it’s been posted?
Yes. If you have posted a job and need to update details, you can go back into your profile and update or edit as required via the "edit job” button in your dashboard.
How much are credit card fees?
Clients will be charged a flat rate of 2% + 30 cents on all Credit Card transactions. This includes international & Amex transactions.
How much will I pay as a client?
This will depend on the service you have requested. Costs will be negotiated and agreed on by you and the Artist. The total and exact amount of the job is displayed before you confirm a booking.
What is the cancellation policy?
We understand that things come up and you might need to cancel your appointment. However to be as fair as possible, if you are unable to make your appointment:
  • You will not be charged if cancelling your job up to four hours before your appointment
  • If cancelling your job between four hours or less, the system will automatically charge you 100% of your total appointment cost.
Can I post a job at the last minute?
You can create a job at any time. Artists will start making offers if they are able to complete your job at the requested time. We recommend allowing at least 3 hours notice.
What type of Artists are available?
One Tribe is for all types and styles! If you have a specific look in mind for your hair or makeup, upload any inspiration images that you are trying to achieve to make sure you get the best artist bidding for your job.
How should I prepare for my appointment?


If your appointment is for a blowout, we recommend your hair is wet and clean before your hair stylist arrives. For updos and downdos your hair should be clean and dry. We recommend washing your hair the night before your appointment to see the best results.


For a makeup appointment, please make sure your face is completely clean and free of any makeup before the makeup Artist arrives.

How long is the appointment?
The time required for the appointment will depend on the service you are requesting. You shoud discuss and confirm this with the Artist when booking them for the job.
Can I request a favourite or specific Artist for future services?
This is something that One Tribe will be offering in the near future so watch this space!
Who should I contact if there is an issue with the service?
For any issues, questions or technical support you can email us at hello@onetribeit.com
What happens if an Artist cancels my job?
In the unfortunate event that an Artist cancels your job, you will need to create a new job for your service to be booked by a new Artist. We take cancellations and no shows seriously so recommend reporting the experience directly to us if this occurs.
How many jobs can I post?
You can post as many jobs as you need as long as your times and dates times do not clash! Be careful not to double book yourself!
What happens if nobody books my job within the required time?
Your job will be saved in your Dashboard so you can repost again if needed. This saves you from having create an entirely new job from scratch. You can delete this if you don't need it anymore.
What if I want additional services that haven't been included in my original job post?
One Tribe recommends you include all your hair and makeup needs when you’re posting your job to make sure the Artist is prepared to provide you with your required services. It is up to you to ensure you have included all details in your post and whilst interacting with your selected Artist.
If I have more than one person who needs hair and make up services, can I book for them too?
Sure! The more the merrier! You can create a job for as many people as you like however, please ensure that you include in your job includes the number of people who require the services, so the Artist can give you a fair price and time indicator.

For Artists

What type of images should I include in my portfolio?
One Tribe recommend that you use clear images that represent your best work. Any inappropriate images will be reported and removed. Accounts found with inappropriate images will be temporarily suspended or removed.
How and when do I get paid?
When you have successfully completed the service this needs to be confirmed by the client. Once confirmed, payment for the amount owed will be fully released into your nominated account.
How does the rating system work?
Artists and clients are encouraged to provide a rating and review of the experience. Getting positive reviews from clients will help you grow your brand and get more work. All reviews and ratings are provides by One Tribe users only.
What is the service fee?
We deduct a 15% service fee from Artist every time a reservation is booked. You can see the exact amount by clicking in your job history from your One Tribe profile. Refer to pricing for more details.
I’m running late for my appointment, what should I do?
No one likes to be stood up, so please be on time! However, if you are running late for your appointment, do the right thing and contact your client to let them know as soon as possible. Arriving late can impact the client experience and leave you with a bad rating!
What happens if a client cancels the job?
We understand that there a times when a client will need to cancel a job. One Tribe allows a grace period of up to four hours before the job where the client will not incur any charges. However, if the client cancels within four hours of their appointment our system will charge the client the full fee which will be credited to your account.
What if a client wants ongoing work off the platform?
For the benefit of building your brand we recommend you keep the transactions on the One Tribe platform as we assist in managing cancellations and issues for you. Only clients who have been provided a service through One Tribe will be able to provide you with reviews and ratings.
What do I get as a premium member?
As a premium member you will gain access to features and functionality not available as a free user. Please refer to for more information.
How do I upgrade my membership?
You can upgrade your membership in the account settings section of your member profile.
Your membership is not locked in to a contract. You can change your membership once every 30 days. Refer to to upgrade your account.
When does membership payment get taken from my account?
Membership fees will be taken out once every 30 days, from the date that you signed up as a member.
Am I allowed to promote my own website?
If you would like to showcase your website you are able to share the link on your profile. See for more.


How do I delete my profile?
We’d be sad to see you go! However if you need to delete your profile please send a request to our support team at hello@onetribeit.com and they will happily assist you with your request.
How do I update my payment details?
You can update your payment details in settings
What if I'm an Artist and a Client?
No problem! One Tribe gives you the flexibility to create and book jobs as either Artist of Client, through having a dual profile. You will need to switch between Artist or Client profile depending on your service needs.
How do I complete ratings and reviews?
As part of the job completion process, Clients and Artists will be required to provide a rating and review of their experience.

For the client

this means that Artists are rating you on your reliability and their experience with you. This is important because it makes you a more attractive client for Artist to bid on.

For the artist

this means that you will be reviewed on the services you have provided to your clients. The better the ratings and reviews the better your One Tribe profile looks to potential clients!